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The best clean youtube videos

15 Apr

The best clean youtube videos

I always want to share great youtube videos with my much younger brother-in-law, but I always ran into the issue of trying to find clean youtube videos. So I started a site last year, then neglected it for almost a year, and now I’m committed to posting often. I lost focus of what it was trying to do, and what kind of video site it was trying to be. But now I think I’ve got, so check out MidKid Video.

MidKid Video - Clean youtube videos for older kids

MidKid Video - Clean youtube videos kids in the middle

I’m still not sure if the name is just right or not, but I’ve decided to forgo trying to name it perfectly and get a cool logo and everything else that I usually obsess about, in order to get it up and running quickly. And once it catches on, I might update those things, but for now, I’m just going to focus on posting great youtube videos that are clean. Let me know what you think.

I Wish I Could Disable Facebook’s New Photo Viewer

12 Feb

Facebook is constantly rolling out new features and “updates,” but often those changes are unwanted. The way that the photo viewer worked before was just rock solid. It was dead simple and there was nothing to change. But…

Rolling Back Facebook Changes?

If only Facebook would release new designs and features with the option to use the old version. I know they did this with the new profile pages, it was sort of an ‘opt-in’ feature, with a date of complete switch. But we should still have the option to rollback changes, right? I mean, we are all spending tons of time on there, we should be able to keep it how we like it.

I know everyone always makes fun of the folks who hate the new Facebook design, but this time, I’m on the other side. I miss the old photo viewer. Do you?

Top 25 Cities for Tech Jobs in 2009

21 Sep

Not much help to know which cities were it in 2009, but here they are:

#25. Cincinnati, OH
#24. San Francisco, CA
#23. Kansas City, MO
#22. San Diego, CA
#21. Charlotte, NC
#20. Philadelphia, PA
#19. Rochester, NY
#18. Salt Lake City, UT
#17. Nashville, TN
#16. New York, NY
#15. Orlando, FL
#14. Columbus, OH
#13. Portland, OR
#12. Honolulu, HI
#11. Oklahoma City, OK
#10. Pittsburgh, PA
#9. San Antonio, TX
#8. Seattle, WA
#7. Dallas, TX
#6. Raleigh-Cary Metropolitan Area, NC
#5. Houston, TX
#4. Boston, MA
#3. Denver, CO
#2. Washington, DC
#1. Austin, TX
Here’s ┬álink to the full article and details on the top 25 cities for tech jobs.

I Won a Lincoln Navigator? and 3 Signs of a Scam

29 Jul

I Won a Lincoln Navigator? and 3 Signs of a Scam

[image by sasmalko]
Today was almost an amazing day. I was told I won a 2010 Lincoln Navigator, by Holly, at extension 221. Oh man, so close. I’m just posting this in case anyone else comes across the same thing. She called me from 888-648-2802.

Here is the actual transcript of the message:

“Hi, my name is Holly calling from the awards claim center, in regards to an entry form you filled out to win a 2010 Lincoln Navigator in one of our shopping malls, movie theaters, or online within the last 12 months. I have some very good news for you, your name was pulled last night. Give me a call back as soon as possible, my phone number is 888-648-2797. Again, that’s 888-648-2797. And that’s Holly, at extension 221.”

And here is the recording:

Signs of a Scam

1. They Give No Personal Information About You

If I filled out an entry to win, or something, they would have some info about me, and leave it in the message. “This message if for _____” or the location of the contest I entered, or something. But nope, instead they never mention my name, any location, any date, and even the type of location is left to “shopping malls, movie theaters, or online.” Who hasn’t been to one of these places in the last couple months?

2. They Give No Information About Their Company

Not only does ‘Holly’ not give any company name, she doesn’t give a website, her last name, or any other identifiable information. All she says is that she is calling from “the awards claim center.” She could have at least faked a company name.

3. It’s Too Good to be True!

I could use a Lincoln Navigator as much as the next guy, but judging by my track record of winning things (read: never), I’m guessing that the car gods are not calling on me to replace my old beat up car with this one. So now I will say something everyone always says: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Bummer.