Sallie Mae Redesigns Website but Still Fails Experience

2 Dec

Sallie Mae’s last site design was really terrible. Their new design looks better, but is still horrible to use. Here are a couple examples of Sallie Mae’s horrible UX.

Sallie Mae Account Summary

Account Summary

From this page, we are reassured that we are on “Account Summary” in no less than 4 ways.

  1. Navigation highlight
  2. Breadcrumb
  3. Page title
  4. Section title

Sallie Mae Account Summary

And there are no subpages of “Account Summary” (as far as I can tell) so there are no other pages in the “Account Summary” section.

Loan Advisor

Here’s is Sallie Mae’s attempt at being helpful. They have a ad-sized spot on the page to advertise other products, tips about the site, or tools for my current product. Awesome. Here’s what’s not awesome: rather than making the spot an ad, or a link, or a sentence with a link, they use the space to spell out how to find the information to change the repayment plan.

Loan advisor

Why can they not just link to it? “Follow the links to IBR?” Wtf?! That’s what links are for Sallie Mae. YOU link to it, and I just have to click it.

So when we use the horrible pop-menu they have, it takes you to this forms page.

giant forms page

So just read through and “follow the links.” Get it together Sallie Mae.

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