Tons of movies in your Netflix Queue? What to watch? Qpicker can help.

6 Feb

We officially launched, a cool tiny site that chooses 1 thing for you to watch from all of those in your Netflix Queue.

Qpicker - What should I watch on Netflix Watch Instantly

It seemed like we were always having the conversation “What should we watch on Netflix?” We have over a hundred titles in our queue and can never make a decision. When it’s friends, it’s even worse, nobody knows what they want to watch, and so nothing happens. Well problem solved, because Qpicker can take the blame for you (but it was in your instant queue, so not all of it).

Another cool feature is that we feature what someone else just picked right on the homepage, so you can even see some movies that aren’t in your queue, but that someone else thought was worth watching.


Once you choose a movie, you can click a button to watch it now, or choose a different movie.

So next time you’re not sure what to watch in your Netflix Instant Queue, turn to Qpicker.

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